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Hospitality for The Masters 2020

Behind a normal looking hedge, off an everyday American street, in a standard Georgia town lies a simply remarkable place.

Having flown for eight hours and then driven for a further two you’ll arrive at the gates of a former plantation home. The gates will open and you’ll drive your car through them and at this point you’ll wonder what the fuss is all about. Your car will trundle along a little lane that is adorned with magnolia trees and for the first time you’ll sense a little magic in the air. Go a little further and then there it is – an oasis of green. Tall, towering trees set against bleached sand which is permeated by the sweet scent of pine. Awesome azaleas, magnolias and dogwoods make up this stunning backdrop which you and I know as Augusta National, home of the greatest sporting event there is – the Masters.

Augusta is Georgia’s second city and for much of the year its focus is anything but golf. Home to James Brown, the master of Soul, and a quarter of a million people, it’s not perhaps an obvious setting for the most prestigious event on the sporting calendar but the Masters is exactly that.

The Masters at Augusta is “tradition like no other,” to coin the club’s own phrase. It’s the only Major to return year after year at the same venue but it’s more than just another major. It’s more than a golf course. The Masters is a feeling.

In a recent interview with CNN, Mayor Davis said “The Masters brand is iconic and universal…We’re not competing for Superbowls or NBA All-Star games, we’ve got a destination the world comes to the same time every year.” Kids have Disneyland. Augusta National is an adults idea of a magic kingdom. Even Lefty – Phil Mickleson – gets excited “I think driving down Magnolia Lane is rejuvenating. It gives me a new energy. It’s exciting, and I think that energy helps me work hard, play hard and focus better and play my best.”

It’s absolutely unique. Caddy’s get given white suits to wear whilst fans are not called fans, instead they’re known as patrons. You’ll also never see any running, nor mobile phones. The Masters is a tournament that is bound by traditions. It began in 1934 and the course has seen a number of changes including the front 9 being the back 9. Once the power hitters arrived on the scene the course was lengthened to ensure the challenge remained great. Some things have not changed though. The champions dinner, the par three tournament and the infamous Green Jacket. You’ll also not see any sponsors or branding around the club. The event is a throw back. No mobile phones means people actually watch the golf rather than taking pictures of the golf and the golf is still the star attraction.

The roars from the gallery provide the soundtrack and there’s no shortage of drama. Who can forget this shot from Woods? Or this, ridiculous shot from Mickleson.

Each year the history grows – demons are created as collapses are all too frequent whilst Augusta is prone to a returning champion who then become legend. Then there’s Tiger. Who can forget when he exploded onto the scene. If we thought that was dramatic then 2019 was an unforgettable entry in the Augusta Club diary.

So, the greatest event of the year and also the most exclusive and sought after. That’s where GoSporting come in…

GoSporting have 6 packages available and they start from £2095. That package includes direct flights to Georgia and then a hire car for when you arrive. The golf is taken care of with a Monday practice ticket and once you’ve taken in the stunning course you can then have a round of golf and retire to the bed and breakfast that is included.

The next package up is the Gold Package which allows you to play for 2 rounds of golf but perhaps more exciting than that is the fact you get a tournament ticket for the Saturday. If that wasn’t exciting enough then this package has access to hospitality facilities including complimentary food and drink. If that doesn’t whet your appetite then maybe this will – you get a ticket to the Masters Party hosted by a former Ryder Cup Captain.

Packages increase in cost but an increase in cost means even better perks. Private jet, your own personal concierge, tickets to all days and a seat at Amen corner. These are some of the features included in the various hospitality packages that are listed on the GoSporting site.

If this sounds like your idea of a dream week then drop us a message and we can take you to the greatest event in the sporting calendar.

Say you were there.